About Us

The Happy Pet Place – Where Pets Come First.

Sometimes… all it takes is a shared passion and the spark of an idea to be the catalyst for something authentic and good.

Not long ago, two people with a shared passion, and over 30 years of combined experience in the Pet Industry in both retail and distribution, came together over a quiet drink one evening. Almost immediately the wheels were set in motion for the genesis of The Happy Pet Place.

The idea – to bring the focus on enriching the lives of pets and pet parents back to the pet specialty channel in WA. And to achieve that in a retail store model showcasing real interaction with our animals, good old-fashioned service and expertise, and a fun and invigorating shopping and working environment. A destination store for pet families.

And so, The Happy Pet Place was conceived.

Put simply, we are two WA families building an oasis for pets and pet parents, and we would love for the people of Perth to come along for the ride with us.

Absolute passion for pets is in our DNA – we understand the joy pets bring to our everyday lives, and that in return they deserve the best opportunity for a happy, long and enriched life.

To support this, we believe in best practice in pet care.

Be they fluffy, furry, feathered or scaly – we aim to offer the best advice, solutions and products, at the best prices, for our pet pals in all aspects of their lives:
• Optimal nutrition for optimal health, and a long life free of common ailments.
• Daily enrichment through promoting high levels of interaction & the use of products designed to stimulate, energise and promote well being
• Informed health care tips recommending the most effective product solutions to all pet related health concerns
• And all the while finding furr-ever homes with caring and supportive pet families for all of our “temporary residents”
• Key to this will be our desire to partner with local organisations (such as Cat Haven) in the adoption and rehoming of pets, who are needing to find that special new family

More than anything, we want to welcome you to our store, meet your pets, and share your stories.

Take the time to come in and say hi. Maybe spend some quiet time in our “walk in cat enclosure” and just hang out for a while with the latest residents from Cat Haven, who are longing to meet you.

Any maybe just change a life, including yours, along the way.