31 March 2021

Pets and Chocolate Toxicity

It’s that time of year when you need to be vigilant of your pets whereabouts in your home. Dogs are natural scavengers so they will seek […]
28 July 2020

Did you know that fish get cold too?

During the cooler months, fish in your home aquarium can become stressed, which, if left untreated, can lead to health problems or even death.   We have […]
28 July 2020

How to Care for Your “Mature” Pet

Is your dog struggling to play fetch for as long as they used to?Is your cat not jumping as high and as easily as they used […]
28 July 2020

What does post-coronavirus look like for our pets?

While a nation-wide lockdown has seen a decline in retail sales, a rapid increase in pet adoption has been a saving grace for local shelters adopting […]
28 July 2020

Happy Pet Talks – Guinea Pigs

Do you have Guinea Pigs, or have you been considering getting them as pets? The Happy Pet Place together with Hilton Vet Hospital put together a […]
28 July 2020

Pets & Winter

PETS IN WINTER It’s getting cold!  As we add an extra blanket to our bed, it is important to remember that our pets need special attention […]
28 July 2020

Free Delivery & Park + Collect now available

During the 5-day lockdown we remain open, however, we are also offering a Free Delivery Service & Park + Collect option.   FREE DELIVERY Free delivery is […]
28 July 2020

Should you brush your dog’s teeth?

Four out of every five dogs and cats over the age of three years have some sort of dental disease which becomes more severe with age. […]
28 July 2020

Guinea Pigs Eat?

Like humans, guinea pigs and bunnies both have a basic requirement for energy, protein, vitamins, minerals and water. Although both species are herbivores- meaning they only […]