Hermit Crabs

Hermit crabs are easy pets to look after, but love company so if you are considering Hermit Crab for a pet we recommend you purchase more than one.  They are nocturnal and will sleep mostly throughout the day.

Hermit Crabs are tropical animals, so they like it warm and humid. Ensure that their aquarium is heated to about 30 degrees with bowls of water to create the humidity of around 50 – 70 degrees.  They require two types of water.  Freshwater for drinking, and saltwater for bathing.

They need to be fed daily in small amounts, with the food always being fresh.  Suitable food is fish pellets, bread, cereals, apples and other fruit.  They also enjoy shredded coconut.  Any food that is not eaten, needs to be removed daily.

Hermit Crabs are land animals and require either shell grit or aquarium sand on the floor of the aquarium.  They love to climb, so include some driftwood in their enclosure so they can be entertained.

For more information about Hermit Crab care, download our care sheet below.