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Blue Planets Deco O Designer Mini Aquarium. Holding ten litres, this tank is the perfect starting place for a single betta fish or other small fish.

While circular, the Deco O is not round, so it is much better for your fish than a traditional bowl. It also provides a relaxing bubble effect from the air-driven filtration system, which gently agitates the surface to provide water oxygenation for a healthy fish.

Discreet internal clips ensure that the air hose is kept out of the way, and the handy external air hose and power cord holders built into the rim of the tank provide a clean-looking tank with no messy cords or cables. Magic Touch lighting allows you to select day or moonlight, just by touching the top of the tank, while advanced HPLED lighting creates shimmering sun-like ripples in your tank.

10 litre capacity
Integrated air filtration system built into tank decor
Includes 12V air pump, silicon air tube, air stone and filter complete with cartridge
Gravel and decorative rock included (as pictured)
Uni-module lighting design incorporating the Touch Sensor, HPLEDs and electronics in a totally sealed single glass module for years of care-free service
Magic Touch lighting allows you to select day light or moon light, just by touching the top of the tank

Dimensions: 33.5cm (length) x 13.6cm (depth) x 31cm (height)