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Marina i25 is a compact yet powerful internal filter that easily installs into any tank up to 25L using secure suction cups (included).

The i25 comes complete with a specially-designed Power Cartridge that provides effective 3-stage filtration – mechanical, chemical and biological. Unfiltered water enters the centre of the cartridge and flows through the zeolite chamber, where toxic ammonia is removed. The water then enters the second chamber, which contains the carbon that eliminates pollutants and odours. The water then enters the floss layer where debris gets trapped inside the cartridge. This unique flow of water results in crystal clear water. The completely filtered water returns to the aquarium through a waterfall spout, which generates continuous oxygenation. Changing the cartridge is fast and mess free.

In addition to providing exceptional filtration, the i25 is also exceptionally quiet.

The filter is covered by a 2-year warranty.

Maximum Flow Rate: 100 L/H (26.4 US Gal.)

Wattage: 3W