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Bird Shop Fremantle, Perth

Fly into our bird shop for heaps of great deals

At The Happy Pet Place bird shop in Fremantle, Perth, we stock a range of birds depending on the season and demand. We generally have a collection of adorable budgies, canaries, finches, and cockatiels (or weiros) for sale, along with all the necessary supplies.

We have an extensive selection of bird cages, seed & pellets, a large and colourful range of bird toys and health treatments.

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Our feathered friends.


Also known as weiros, cockatiels are native to Australia and are a very intelligent and interactive bird. They require a spacious cage to accommodate multiple perches, toys and food bowls, and enough room to flap their wings. They also love to forage on the ground, so cover the bottom of the cage with newspaper and sprinkle crumbled treats or millet for your bird to find.

Weiro’s do well on their own and with their own species. When kept on their own, they will form a bond with their owner, and will require human company to entertain them. They can be taught tricks as well as having the ability to talk.

Our hand-raised birds provide a lot of fun, and they are very engaging. You’ll often see them hanging off a toy or singing.

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Budgies for sale in Fremantle, Perth


Did you know that there are more pet budgies in the world than any other pet? With the right care and handling, they can become very affectionate and a much-loved family pet.

Budgies require regular feeding, a weekly cage clean and, and of course, attention! Being very bright and social, they love to interact with other budgies as well as their humans. Budgies living on their own can be taught to talk, which provides a great amount of interaction and fun for the family as they become a little echo.

We always have aviary budgies as well as hand-raised baby budgies available in store. Pop in to meet these birds, and to chat to our staff about their care and requirements.

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Finches are native to Australasia, and suit people who love birds but do not want the demands of owning a high-maintenance breed.

Finches are energetic small birds, part of the Estrildidae family of finches, like the Zebra Finch, Gouldian finch, Owl finch and Society finch. At The Happy Pet Place, we usually have Zebra Finches in store.

Finches are flock animals and need to be kept in the company of their own kind, especially in pairs (mixed or the same sex). These birds never seem to stay still, and constantly make ‘peep’ and ‘meep’ sounds to communicate to each other. Male Finches are more brightly coloured than females, with brightly colored cheek patches and breast bars, and also may have spots on their flanks.

Finches thrive in an aviary and can be housed with canaries, neophemas, and diamond doves. They should not be housed with parrots, such as lorikeets, rosellas, cockatiels, lovebirds, budgies or conures.

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Canaries for sale in Fremantle, Perth


With their happy nature, beautiful colours, and their ability to sing, canaries are one of the most popular pet birds. They are the perfect bird for indoor housing, or within a patio or courtyard setting.

Canaries — males in particular — have a lovely song and are quite sought-after. Females can also sing, however, usually stop at approximately six months of age, leaving the singing up to the males to serenade their love during courtship.

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