Did you know that there are more pet budgies in the world than any other pet? Budgies are relatively easy to keep as a pet.  They require regular feeding, a weekly cage clean and attention!  They are bright social animals and love to interact either with you (if they are kept on their own) or other budgies.

Budgies living on their own can be taught to talk, which provides a great amount of interaction and fun for the family!  Best to think about what you teach them to say!


We have a fantastic and interactive Cockatiel enclosure which is a must-see to view.  These hand-raised birds provide a lot of fun, and they are very interactive.  At any time you will see them hanging off a toy or singing. They thrive with interactivity and your house will never be quiet again.

They require a spacious cage to accommodate multiple perches, toys and food bowls, and enough room to flap their wings.

They love to forage on the ground, so cover the bottom of the cage with newspaper and sprinkle crumbled treats or millet for your bird to find.