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Plenty of fish in the sea

(and our store).

We’re making a splash with our water-based range.

Keeping aquatic pets can be a very enjoyable hobby and makes a welcome addition to any home or office. Although fish and axolotl aren’t affectionate, they’re relaxing to watch and fun to care for. Plus, they add interest to your space. 


Fabulous fish for your family.

Fish are generally low maintenance pets. They just require semi-regular feeding, clean water, and an aquarium that’s of suitable size. You’ll also need to routinely clean the tank and water to ensure your fish has a healthy environment.

We sell many different types of fish — fresh, and tropical — and the amount of work required to look after them differs depending on the fish breed and size of your tank. Come into the store to talk to one of our fish experts and look at the range of fresh fish we have in store. If you are new to fish keeping, we have some great starter kits available too.



Axolotls are much-loved for their adorable smile-like expressions. They’re pretty hardy, make great low maintenance pets, and can live between 10 – 15 years.

Sadly, these amphibians are endangered, with the only remaining wild population living in lake Xochimilco, Mexico. However, they’re still bred in captivity and enjoyed as pets around the world.

For more details information about keeping an Axolotl, visit us instore. You can meet these interesting creatures and discuss their requirements in detail with one of The Happy Pet Place staff. You can also download our quick care guide.