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Where pets come first

Small business, big ideas, even bigger hearts.

Family owned and independent. We offer a complete range of pet supplies & pets. We strive for personal and excellent customer service, and love being part of the local Fremantle community.

Not only do we stock everything for your pet, we also have: Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, mice & rats, birds, freshwater fish, hermit crabs & stick insects. We are also an Cat Haven Approved Adoption Centre!

Love-filled interactions with animals.

Good old-fashioned, friendly service.

A fun & dynamic shopping experience.

Make yourself at home

Here, you’re family.

More than anything, we want to welcome you to our store, meet your pets, and share your stories as we support you with premium products and expertise. Fluffy, furry, feathered, or scaly, we aim to offer the best advice, solutions and products, (at the best prices) for our pet pals in all aspects of their lives.


Optimal nutrition for optimal health to support a long life, free from common ailments. There’s something for every pet belly and human budget.


Daily enrichment through interactive play and products designed to stimulate, energise and promote wellbeing. Even our most timid pets love to play!


Informed healthcare insights and advice, recommending effective solutions for pet-related health concerns. If relevant, we may suggest a trip to the vet for specialist care.

Ready to change a life?

Visit our walk-in Cat Haven cat adoption enclosure.

As well as catering to your pet’s diet, play needs, and health concerns, we’re constantly finding furr-ever homes for our resident Cat Haven cats. We’re seeking caring and supportive pet families, who are ready come in, say “hi”, and spend time in our walk-in cat enclosure. You can hang out for a while with the latest residents from Cat Haven, who are longing to meet you.

And maybe change a life, including yours, along the way.