Our online store is currently a ‘work in progress’.  We currently are not offering a delivery / mailing service.  However, our ‘shop’ page will allow you to see what we currently have available in store.  Products will continue to be added.


The Happy Pet Place is a family owned, independent pet store located at 352 South Street, O’Connor, next to the community of Hilton.

We stock a wide and varied range of product for all your pets needs.  Covering food, treats, accessories, bedding, pharmacuticals and more for:

  • Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Mice, Rats, Reptiles, Hermit Crabs, Birds and Fish

In addition to stocking items for all your pets needs, we also have pets in store!  Just like the old fashioned pet shop.  We have:

  • Kittens & Cats.  We are an approved Cat Haven Adoption Centre for Cat Haven, and each week we have kittens or cats in store looking for new homes.  Come in store to view in our walk in cat enclosure, where you can get close and personal to see how you bond with the kittens looking for homes.
  • Rabbits & Guinea Pigs.  For most of the year we have both rabbits & guinea pigs available for both sale and adoption.
  • Rats & Mice – our rats and mice are homed in large ‘condo’s’, allowing you to easily view their antics.
  • Birds – baby budgies, aviary budgies, canaries, finches & weiro’s.  Availability does change from time to time due to both the time of year and demand.
  • Fish.  We stock a large range of both cold water and tropical fish including live plants.
  • Hermit Crabs – view our large enclosure allowing our hermit crabs to climb and roam.
  • Stick Insects – we stock Spiny Leaf, Crown Lichen and Leaf Stick Insects.  In fact, we have had babies!  Come in store and look how tiny they are.


We know how important a family pet is, and choosing the right pet for your family is both exciting, emotional and confusing!
Click here to find out some furthur details on the different types of pet that we have in store, many are for adoption and what their care and needs are.