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60cm W x 60cm D x 170cm H.

The perfect patio cage for your birds. The Mombasa 20 is ideal for small birds, such as finches and canaries.

Featuring 2 doors for easy access, and a pull-out drawer for quick and convenient cleaning, the Mombasa 20 comes mounted on a wheeled stand so it’s easy to move around. The cage is made from durable and solid materials, and features an A-frame roof for protection and shade, while the food bowls and wooden perches that come with the cage mean you’ll be ready to set up your bird’s personal palace straight away.

Durable and solid construction
Ideal for small birds, such as finches and canaries
Pull-out drawer for easy cleaning
Two doors for easy access
Wheeled stand makes the cage highly portable
Perfect patio cage
A-frame roof offers protection and shade
Complete with food bowls and wooden perches

Bar space: 1cm