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The Pet One Critter Mouse Houses are brightly coloured and include accessories to provide your small pet with a fun and secure habitat.

Give your small pet room to roam and a place to play with four different homes to choose from.

Features & Benefits:

Two door openings located the front and top of the cage
Solid plastic exercise wheel “Spin Out” keeps your mouse safe and active
Cheeky hide “Look Out” with solid construction slide to access
Super snugly and stylish hammock hide “Hang Out” that your mouse is sure to love
125ml drink bottle to keep your mouse well hydrated and easy to refill with the clip-on and off feature
Good size feeder bowl that’s easy to remove and clean
Wired ramp to access second level
Wire thickness 1.5mm
Wire gap 8mm
Suitable for: Mice

50L X 36.5W X cm 29H Purple Green